Friday, June 4, 2010

More Than a Facade

Having a place in what's referred to as the "Historical District", I think too much emphasis is put on the structures and what people passing by on the streets see of these old time buildings. These places have a lot to offer, but we can't always see past those facades, and it's an appearance that does not look so promising to the naked eye.

What should be the focus is what's behind all that brick and mortar: the people who live within those walls, the mindset around these places, and the perception of the neighborhood to others. The biggest obstacle is finding a way to make everyone living in these once great places care about where they live. Even though the majority of occupants are renters, we all need to take ownership of where we spend our time. This isn't necessarily financial in nature. It could be a matter of something as simple as picking up a soda can littering the sidewalk, and tossing it a garbage can that's just a few steps away.

I'm noticing people are starting to feel passionate about the area, myself included, and I hope that passion is contagious. A giant face lift is taking place within the city, but that's only the beginning. Fresh ideas are coming through by way of new visions, new places (homes, stores, restaurants) and even new faces. The true beauty is coming through, and I see great things are already in the works!.

What do you see for Newburgh and what are your ideas?

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