Thursday, June 10, 2010

"The Evolution of An American City"

No one ever wants to go to court, but today was an exception. The Newburgh City Court held a dedication for the courthouse murals painted by artist and designer Bryan Guglielmi. The series, named "Newburgh- The Evolution of An American City" depicts scenes of Newburgh during different phases of time.

I had previously seen the murals and asked to take pictures, but cameras aren't normally allowed in the courthouse. I happened to be picking up some forms, and being that it was a press free-for-all, I had my chance to get some shots. The work is beautiful, and the artist is a sweetheart. He was easily approachable, and gave me the opportunity to capture him and his work with a few photos.
Even the staff at the courthouse was in high spirits, which I'm assuming was because of this event. Come 4PM, everything usually comes to an abrupt standstill, but today was an exception. The event started at 3PM, but I was allowed to linger well after 4. It seemed like no one was rushing me out, no one was in a rush to end their day, and everyone was just enjoying the moment. Seeing these murals is definitely worth a trip to court!


  1. great detective work! I particularly like the middle painting.

  2. It was more luck than detective work.I wish the city did more to promote these sort of things. I checked their website last night, and couldn't find any mention of this dedication. I asked Bryan which was his favorite, and you can see him posing next to his favorite!