Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It's Illuminating

Last night, I had a chance to hear about ideas for Newburgh Illuminated, a three day festival, scheduled for June 21-23, 2013. Even though the event is more than a year away, ideas are in abundance. Those ideas reflect many aspects of Newburgh's history and culture, and initial plans are to have events throughout the city, in places like (in no particular order) Washington's Headquarters, the Waterfront, Downing Park, and too many more places to mention. The assortment of venues being considered include different music genres, arts, historical information presented in fun and interesting ways, and plenty of activities for the kids.

The Hudson River being a part of this celebration goes without saying, and what would a festival titled "Newburgh Illuminated" be without paying homage to Thomas Edison?

See more on the image below in "New Light for Newburgh and for the Nation".

New Light for Newburgh and for the Nation

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