Friday, December 10, 2010

New Things Coming

With less than a month in 2010 remaining, focus is starting to shift to the new year, while thinking about what took place as this year flew by. For more the past month, I've been meaning to mention the final Ann Street Market of the season, but time just keeps escaping me.

Held October 30th, I saw promising things coming Newburgh's way. Along with live music and flea market types of finds, there were several somewhat new businesses participating, and this was another great chance to meet people who can see all the potential in the area. Offerings ranged from health screenings and educational services, to tasty sweets and treats. Being Halloween weekend, tons of candy was readily available for both the kids and those young at heart to get a head start on their Halloween treats.

Dr. Erik Brower, of Innate Chiropractic, (located in the Target Shopping Plaza at 52 Rt 17K), was providing free neurological diagnostic tests, utilizing rolling thermography and Static EMG (electromyography), which allows him to see exactly where problem areas are.  Growing up in the Mid-Hudson Valley, graduating from Life University located in Marietta, GA,  his choice to open his new practice in Newburgh came from multiple reasons. "After gaining the experience I needed to start my own practice, I began searching the entire country and abroad for the perfect location. I had thought I had the location for me; several websites such as pointed me to the same location outside of San Francisco, CA. I visited this area 3 times, had a real-estate agent helping me find the ideal commercial building for my dream practice. It was my third trip out to California when I realized I was making a mistake and that my home state of New York is where I wanted to be. The pros of moving out to California did not outweigh the cons of returning to New York. Newburgh reminds me a lot of the city I practiced at down in Georgia.   Newburgh has some rough edges but once people see your sincerity you will meet the most amazing and appreciative individuals and families.  Like many cities and towns, including the one I grew up in, Newburgh is having some hard times; the difference I see in Newburgh is that there is such a large population of people dedicated to helping this city thrive once again.  It is these people that have motivated me to join the board of the YMCA, actively pursue a role on the board of Habitat for Humanity, as well as participate in other volunteer activities.  Newburgh has so much to offer; easy access to NYS thruway and I-84, an airport, a beautiful Hudson River waterfront, 60 miles north of NYC and pristine wilderness all around.  Like all processes it will take time, but due to its location and people I see a great future for Newburgh.  I could not be happier with my decision to open my practice and live here."  Anyone interested in learning more about principled chiropractic care please feel free to call Dr. Brower at (845) 565-5410 to schedule a complimentary consultation

On a sweeter side, Hudson River Apiaries had an assortment of local raw honey being offered. Selections included Wildflower, Clover, and Pumpkin Blossom honey, as well as creamed honey and bee pollen. An observation hive was on display, where live bees were busy at work, and you could see the honey in its purest form. The honey is unprocessed and unheated, which is the best way to consume the product, as honey has many health benefits, and heat processing destroys many of the enzymes that make honey so beneficial. Honey is a natural energy booster, a great immunity system builder, and a natural remedy for many ailments. Local honey is a natural way to help fight seasonal allergies. Currently, the bees are located across the river, but plans are in the works to set up hives within the city in the springtime.

Another sweet find was Baked With Love Cakes and Cupcakes. A home owned bakery based in Dutchess County, they cater to much of the surrounding area and "make homemade baking available to everyone". Nicole had homemade treats dressed in costume, being that it was the Halloween weekend. Not only did they look great all dressed up, they tasted even better!

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