Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Color Me Happy Too

My little experiment went a little further than I expected. The next time I was in Newburgh, the girl that was on the stoop asked if I had any more of the engraving kits, which I did, and again, she went right to work. Also, someone I assume is her father says "hello" whenever he's outside and I pull up.

The trio of kids approached me one day, too. The seemed a little apprehensive at first, but they came to ask if I had the photos I had taken that day. Unfortunately, I didn't have them that day, but promised them I'd bring them up on my next visit. The next time I was there, I didn't see them, but someone else told me exactly which apartment to find them in. I went inside, and the older boy opened the door. I gave him the pictures, and also asked him if he wanted something else to do. He said yes, and we went to my car, which always seems to be stocked with something (I refer to as mobile storage; others have referred to it as such things like a garage sale on wheels). I gave him a kit for making multiple key chains out of pony beads, and asked him to share it with the others. I'm curious to see if they completed them or how they turned out, but regardless, I'll be sure to keep my car stocked with various items. Little things seem to go a long way!

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  1. wow, that was a rather nice continuation of the first event. That goes to show you how we all can be pleasantly surprised by acts of kindness.